The ZS Foundation was founded in 2018 by Andrew Cowderoy to complement the existing impacts initiatives of ZS Wellness. ZS Wellness , will donate 5% of all profits to the ZS Foundation. The ZS Foundation will not employee any one full time. Any work that is required to be done on behalf of the Charity will be carried out by ZS Wellness at no cost to foundation.

The foundations commitments include:

  • Facilitating sustainable international development by strategic investments.

  • Investing in carbon sequestration and emission reduction.

  • Protection of the natural ecosystems distressed by people and the maritime industry.

  • Improving education. 

  • Excellence in sports. 

In 2018, ZS Wellness alligned themselves with the UN Global Goals for change. “In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. Guided by the goals, it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone.” Both the ZS/Foundation and ZS/Wellness projects and products are aligned to supporting a number of the UN Global Goals, to learn more about how we are doing this, click here.



The ZS Foundations current projects


Centres of Excellence

Our centres of excellence are an on going project. Centres of excellence are built in partnership with the British makers who provide gym facilities to some of the top athletic teams in the world. The centres of excellence’s are designed to enable crew access to top of the range equipment when they come ashore.

Many locations will be developed in partnership with The Mission to Seafarers

Alma Mater.png

Alma Mater Education

  • A Ghanaian charity that Andrew has been supporting for three years that focuses on improving education in rural Africa whilst including degrees of agriculture.

  • AME build schools that once investment has been met can remain fully sustainable without external investment.

  • AME, lease farm land to the founders (of AME) to grow sustainable plantation and sold through the international markets places. The Farms then support the operation of the schools

  • The ZS Foundation will support building a new school in 2019-2020, and invest in female education.


ZS Wellness

At appropriate times, The ZS Foundation may re-invest into ZS Wellness. This will be in order to:

  • The ZS Foundation will support the development of wellness education courses for The Marine Society, “Learn@Sea“ App

  • Develop further educational programmes for seafarers.

  • Sponsor seafarers.

  • Further R&D to develop crew wellness and education at sea.


Ocean Sole

  • Ocean Sole’s mission is to turn flip-flop sandal pollution into art and promote cleaner oceans and beaches. This Kenyan social enterprise, established in 2005, focuses on conservation entrepreneurship. It has positively impacted many people by cleaning up more than 500,000 flip-flops from the beaches and waterways in Kenya over the last two years alone, providing steady income to around 75 low income Kenyans and contributing a percentage of their revenue to local, ongoing marine conservation and education programs.

  • When ZS Wellness open their new London based offices they will purchase a number of items to support the work they do