ZS Crew Home

Provide crew the best environment for a productive and fulfilling start to their career in the maritime industry.

“I make sure that all ZS Crew Homes are to the standard where I would be happy to live in with my family. It is our moral obligation to support the welfare of the men and women at sea especially at the start in their career at sea. ” Andrew Cowderoy, CEO & Founder


For the crew and cadets

  • Affordable accommodation

  • High-quality accommodation

  • Bikes to commute to college

  • Newly renovated

  • At Home Gyms

  • Full stocked digital library

  • Chart tables for navigators

  • Fully stocked

  • All inclusive (bills)

    • Internet (fibre optic were possible)

    • Electric, gas, water, tax, insurance

  • Smart rooms

  • Lockable rooms

For a business

  • Dedicated crew housing

  • Stress-free housing for the crew and cadets.

    • ZS Wellness manage the housing of your crews when they return to college.

  • Long term contracts

    • Ensure that you crew and cadets have suitable

  • Promote wellness ashore

  • Promote productivity with safe and secure working environment

  • Invest in the future of your crew

  • Invest in the wellness of seafarers

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Start your journey today. Secure one of the first ZS Crew Homes of 2019.

  • Secure one property

    • £30,000

  • Secure 3 for the price of two

    • £60,000 will secure two or three properties

These are not the cost of the houses, this will only secure your spot on the waiting list. Before moving forward terms and conditions will apply, and full amount due upon agreements beings signed.

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ZS Crew Homes Full Product
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Join ZS properties today. Jump the waiting list and secure the future of accommodation seafarers.

  • £150,000 will secure a three bedroom house in Fleetwood for your crew

  • £300,000 will secure two three bedroom properties in Fleetwood

  • or secure three of the price of two at £300,000 secure three, three bedroom properties for your crew when visiting Fleetwood

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