"Every day is leg day!"

By Andrew Cowderoy, CEO & Founder, ZS Wellness

Much like the push-up, the squat is a great exercise that you can do with now equipment and in them as much space as it takes to sit down and stand up!  The squat has many progressions and regressions, in this blog I am going to share with you the basic movement and a couple hint and tricks to help along the way.  

1: Setting up your squat

  • Stand up nice a straight,
  • feet elbow width apart and pointing roughly 30 degrees out, knees pointing in the same direction, 
  • tight core

2: The movement

  • Keeping your knees above your ankles, lower till right angle between calf and quad,
  • As a starting point try sitting to just before you touch a chair.
  • If you find that hard try taking your stance wider apart.
  • Keep your heals on the ground.



Finding hard to keep knees above angles? 

Finding hard to keep heals on the ground? 

Advancing your squat

Advancement 1

Advancement 2


andrew cowderoy