Animal Flow


By Andrew Cowderoy, CEO & Founder, ZS Wellness

Animal flow is a fantastic way to move the body.  Like with our last post, pushing up, with Animal Flow you don't need any equipment just your body and some space and can be done in your cabin before or after watch, or when you get back home. 

Beast is your starting position for the rest of the Animal Flow movements.  It forms the foundations the all Animal flow movements.

1: Preparing for beast

It is very important to make sure that we have warmed up our wrist's properly before doing any animal flow. 

2: Table top 

Setting your table top position.

  1. Hands under shoulders,
  2. Knees under belly button,
  3. Elbows poing back, forarms forward.


  1. Cat / Cow to find neutral spine,
  2. Looking down, neutral spine,
  3. Toes tucked. 

3: Activating Beast

  1. Lift knees off ground,
  2. Just enough so knees "touch grass",
  3. And HOLD, for 10 - 15 long breaths.

4:  Advancing Beast 

Moving into contralateral movements.


  1. Activate beast
  2. Raise & drop left foot,
  3. Raise & drop right foot,
    • repeat 10x each side.
  4. Rest
  5. Lift right shoulder gurdle - see video.
  6. Lift left shoulder gurdle - see video.
  7. Activate beast
  8. Raise & drop left hand,
  9. Raise & drop righ hand,
    • repeat 10x each side.
  10. Rest
  11. Raise left hand & right foot,
  12. Raise right hand & left food,
    • repeat 10x each side.
  13. Rest

5: Traveling Beast

  1. Set beast
  2. Activate beast
  3. Lift RIGHT foot & LEFT hand transfer forward,
  4. Lift LEFT foot & RIGHT hand transfer forward, 
  5. Travel 10 sets forward and back
  6. REST
    1. Repeat 2-3 times


Full Series

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