Pushing up

We love a push-up

By, Andrew Cowderoy, CEO & Founder, ZS Wellness

The push is a great exercise and there are so many different variations, progressions, and regressions, the push is a great way to move as all you need is your body and some space, but which one is right for you?  How do you do one correctly, safely whilst having fun? We are going to take you through one of our favourite push up variations, the "triceps" push up for you yogi's it is not too dissimilar to a chaturanga push up.  We are going to share with you the steps you need to go through and some tips and tricks along the way.


1: How to start

Whatever level you are at with you push is a starting position.  We are going to go through the three starting positions.  Don't worry about where you are, don't compare yourself against your counterparts and especially don't compare yourself against Instagram fitness models, this is your practise, your body. 

Table Top

From the knees

From plank 

2: Hand & arm position 

Which ever starting position you take, the hand position is the same. 


Place hands below your shoulders

Rotate your forearms to the front

Fingers pointing forward


Hand Variations 


Taking your hands slightly wider will help make it easier. When you do this make sure you don't go too wide and follow instructions.


Moving your hands into a diamond shape will help increase difficulty and slightly different muscles.


3: The movement 

  1. Push through your hands, and separate your shoulder blades.
  2. Transfer your weight over your hands.
  3. Tuck your tailbone, squeeze your glute (but), to try and hide it!
  4. Looking at your fingertips lower your body to the ground.
    • Tip: This movement is where a lot the work is done.
  5. Stop so your nose is just above the ground, HOLD for a couple of seconds, then push back through. 




Working out

When you come to use the push up in your work out, rember to slow it down.   Quality over quantity.  If you slow your push ups down, taking your time, you will get far more benefit.  You will be increasing "time under tension" working your muscles more.  We will talk about how we can use this time under tension in other work outs later. 

Try going for 10-15  pressups with a 30 - 60 second break inbetween, you can play with variations 


The push up is a fundemental exercise and a great foundation to build on.  If we do the the push up correctly, we increase strength in our posterier chain: Back, muscles, bum and leg muscles.  Like wise, we will increase strenght in our core muscles that are key to supporting our skeletel system, lifting wieghts, protecting the back and feeling great. 


Be Proactive

Have Fun

Feel the Change

andrew cowderoy