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AIM, provides ZS Wellness with the unique insight to life of crew at sea any where in the world, using smart wearable technology that empowers ZS Wellness to provide actionable monthly reports.





According to the report, the direct cost of inactivity in Britain is €1.9bn, with indirect costs rising to €9.4bn. Added to that, the study suggests that inactivity is strongly linked to mental health disorders which cost an additional €2.9bn.
— Cycling Weekly

Education is a fundamental element of the work that we do at ZS Wellness.


Whilst AIM can provide unique insight into life at sea, education builds upon this. 

Education is designed to help both crew and management understand in greater detail the risks and benefits of improving wellness at sea and the best ways to do so. 

Education can be delivered in a number of innovative ways, such as live webinars with management, downloadable content for crew or even installed onto the vessel. 

Education is designed to change, in time, the mindset of all, to encourage individuals to take proactive rather than reactive steps in their own wellness

Lower costs: Evidence suggests that for every pound spent to operate an onsite wellness centre with target programmes, employers can expect a 3:1 return on investment”

Higher moral: Wellness centres strengthen an organisation’s culture and build employee pride, trust and commitment.
— Techno Gym

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