Employee Wellness

According to the report, the direct cost of inactivity in Britain is €1.9bn, with indirect costs rising to €9.4bn. Added to that, the study suggests that inactivity is strongly linked to mental health disorders which cost an additional €2.9bn.
— Cycling Weekly
Lower costs: Evidence suggests that for every pound spent to operate an onsite wellness centre with target programmes, employers can expect a 3:1 return on investment”

Higher moral: Wellness centres strengthen an organisation’s culture and build employee pride, trust and commitment.
— Techno Gym
As an industry, we have a duty of care to ensure our seafarers stay healthy. It’s not just a moral obligation as employers, it makes sound business sense.

Lifestyle insight

Use smart wearable technology to monitor and help your employees prevent future illness or loss of career.  

Our Mission


“To encourage companies working with employees in remote or local, high risk, highs stress environments to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to health, fitness and wellbeing of their employees.”


“Provide large and small corporations with the analytical tools to effectively monitor employee lifestyle and to help them gain a greater understanding of how wellness can improve overall productivity"


"To educate, train and prevent; both employees in remote and local enviroments from running the risk of loss of life and career due to poor health and lifestyle decisions.


"ZS: My vessel is healthy and I request free pratique"

International Code of Singals





Gain a far greater understanding of how your organisation is operating

Prevention is always better than a cure.

”A Healthy lifestyle is crucial in the shipping industry. By using data collected from Garmin API integration streamed into Oracle Cloud Analytics, we provide our customers invaluable insights into the health of their employees. This helps encourage a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to fitness at sea.
— Andrew Cowderoy, CEO & Founder,