(Previously Green)

Whilst our "Bespoke" offering provides a comprehensive solution, Our green package is our entry level and provides the ability to:

  1. Only monitor crew
  2. Only train and educate crew
  3. Use a combination of the two.
  • Minimum crew:

    • Monitor: 100

    • Train: POA

  • Remotely monitor crew world wide

    • Using the same Garmin technology used in our Red package.

    • Access to ZS Wellness dashboard to monitor your crew in house. Compare data against regulatory standards and health guidance.

  • Educate

    • Nutrition,

    • Mindfullness,

    • Meditation

    • Health and Lifestyle

  • Train

    • Training videos designed for life at sea

    • Video's provided on a per vessel basis.

      • 4x Training videos per week

      • Up to 1x education video per week 

        • 16x Training videos per month 

        • Up to 4x education videos per monht

          • 192x Training videos per year

          • Up to 48x education videos per year

  • ZS Monitor Dashboards 

    • view data: Per Crew, Per Vessel, Per Fleet, Per Rank.

      • BMI: Crew vs MCA; determine which crew are at risk of loosing their ENG-1, Obesity can lead to a number of other life threatening and career ending conditions.

      • Sleep/Rest:  Compare hours of sleep/rest against MLC 2006 hours of rest. Help prevent fatigue at sea.

      • Activity Levels: review levels of activity against levels of Heart Rate Intensity to accurately gauge levels of activity.

      • Overview: Home vs sea; compare a variety of different level data inputs between life at home & sea.

      • KCals Burnt

      • Steps: Steps per day, per crew member

      • Custom Dashboards