Education is a fundamental element to the work that we do here at ZS Wellness by educating both crew and management. Individuals are able to start to take wellness, health well-being into their own hands, start to be proactive in their approach to wellness. Now, education can come in a whole host of forms, whether it be workshops in offices or onboard educational videos that can be downloaded anywhere in the world by crew on board the vessels. 

We work with industry-leading professionals in the fields of nutrition, mental health, physical fitness, physical performance, fatigue, sleep, meditation, and mindfulness in order to provide the best solution available on the market to the Maritime industry. To find out how you can start educating your crew around the world, please feel free to click the link below. Book a telephone call with myself, Andrew Cowderoy, CEO and founder of ZS Wellness, and I'll be happy to explain how we can best suit a solution that fits your needs, your crew in the language specific to your needs.