Lifestyle insight

Use smart wearable technology to monitor and help your employees prevent future illness or loss of career.  


“Provide large and small corporations with the analytical tools to effectively monitor employee lifestyle and to help them gain a greater understanding of how wellness can improve overall productivity"


Collect, analyse wellness data

ZS Wellness has developed a unique integration between the Garmin Cloud and Oracle BI cloud that allows unparalleled data analytic possibilities.  

Data Generation

  • Data is generated by employees wearing, smart Garmin technology.  Currently ZS recommends the Vivosmart 3.
  • Employees are able to personally monitor their own health and fitness information using either the "Garmin Connect" app or website. 
  • Internal challenges can be created using the "Garmin Connect" app.
  • The Data is sent to cloud when both:
    • Wearable is wirelessly connected/paired to smart phone/tablet or computer; and
    • Data connection is available.

Data sets currently available

  • Stress
  • BMI - either manually inputed or via Garmin Scales
  • Heart Rate
  • Sleep
  • Steps
  • Floors climbed 

Data Collection

  • Upon permission be granted by employee to either ZS or organisation (depending on setup) data is sent to a ZS key.
  • Organisation can then pull desired data  to Oracle BI Suit.
    Data .png

    Data visualisation 

    • Data is typically visualised using "Oracle Data Vis"
    • Data can be compared exisiting data sets whic
      • Teams
      • Location
      • Age and gender
      • Sales targets
      • Profit & Loss 
      • Routes
      • Day shift vs night shift
      • time of year / day 
      • Job role


    • Lower Cost: Evidence suggests that organisations that implement wellness platforms and actively encourage their employees to poractively take part in physical fitness can see a ROI of 3:1
    • Greater Productivity: Factors that contribute most to loss of productivity in addition to sick days are depression, anxiety, migraines, diabetes, back and neck pain – all of which can be significantly improved with regular physical activity. Healthy employees have increased energy levels, interact better with others, are absent less often and show an improved work performance.
    • Higher morale. Wellness centres strengthen an organisation’s culture and builds employee pride, trust and commitment.

    Investing in wellness means investing directly in the company. A study by Towers Watson and the National Business Group on Health, shows that organisations with highly effective wellness programmes report significantly higher productivity levels than those who don’t have these programmes. Wellness centres that adopt programmes which are actively driven and incentivised and which pro-actively manage the risk profiles of employees, deliver measurable results.

    “We are excited to work with ZS / Wellness as a strategic partner. The solution of ZS / Wellness is a perfect companion with Garmin devices for remote staff monitoring and engagement. We see a huge potential in this business model as it offer a clear benefit for the customer and all users.”

    Example Dashboards

    These dashboards have been designed for maritime industry using Oracle Data visualisation Platform.