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Rank: 2nd Officer DPO

Age: 25

Route: Saturation Diving Offshore

Current work Pattern: 

  • 28 offshore 28 days leave

  • 1800 - 0600 or 0600 - 1800

How important is your personal wellness to you?

Keeping a positive mind frame and a healthy life style is very important to me! I work in very tough environment with long and un sociable shift patterns! Keeping my mind and body healthy is of up most importance to me! 

How important is your personal fitness to you?

I train in the gym 5 days A week and try to keep a balanced diet! If you look after your body it puts me in the best shape physically and mentally to tackle the daily challenges my job gives me!

Does your company provide you with any advice on how to keep fit and active? if yes please explain, if no, do you think they should?

They don't provide any advice on keeping fit but they provide us with a fully equipped gym. And, I think maybe yes they should provide crew with advice as a lot of people have no clue.

How important is what you eat, do you eat to live or live to eat?

Nutrition is very important to me! I try to keep a high protein and low carb diet to build muscle and give me the energy I need for my job! I love food! But it's very important to eat the right kind of foods!!! 

Do you find that your company provides you with the ability to eat a balanced diet at sea?

Yes food onboard is very good and easy to keep a balanced diet

What do you know about fitness/wellness/mental health?

From working offshore for nearly 7 years now I have a good understanding of how I need to prepare myself mentally and physically to survive in this sort of environment! I'm very intrigued to see the outcome of my mental health from this study!