Previously Core 

At this level our team of highly trained fitness professionals will conduct the monitor, educate, train and fuel stages on a bespoke 1:1 level, which includes:

  • Remote Monitoring

  • World Wide Access

  • Monitor

    • Remotely monitor crew around the world.

    • Use Garmin wearable devices.

    • Data analysed by ZS Wellness fitness professionals.

  • Educate:

    • Bespoke crew education conducted by video or sound bites, using data collected.

    • Office education, monthly in office meetings, reporting on crew behaviour and area's for improvement.

    • On going Education

  • Train:

    • Bespoke fitness videos based using information obtained in monitor

      • 6x videos per week

      • 24x videos per month

      • 288x videos per year

    • On going analyses of data

    • On going education 

    • On going monitoring

  • Fuel:

    • Personalised nutritional guidance 

    • Nutritional consultation

    • Nutritional training