ZS Wellness offeres a wide range of consultation services to suite your needs


Full ZS Wellness at Sea Audit

A comprehensive review of your wellness policies, procedures, onboard and shore based provisions, crew interviews, to provide you with a holistic understanding of how your company can improve their wellness offering.

On-board kit review

We will come to inspect and review your gyms and facilities, train your crew if requested and ensure that you have all that you need to provide seafarers with the ability to maintain their wellness at sea both physically and mentally.

Nutritional Consultation

A comprehensive nutritional consultation of all provisions and stores onboard your vessels, training for cooks if requested and interviews with crew and management.


Provision of Fitness equipment

ZS Wellness work with leading providers of fitness equipment and developed options that can be installed either onboard your vessels or at training facilities shore side.

End-to-end fitness review

We will work with your crew our wellness coaches to conduct a full range of fitness testing of either your crew or shore based team. We provide training plans if requested.

Provision of Wellness Experts

ZS Wellness can help you source qualified wellness professionals to suit your needs. We recruit people that have plenty of wellness experiance, working: Mental Health, Personal Training, Fitness coaching, Nutritionist, Medical Professionals (contact Red Square Medical) and much more.