For the very first time I, Andrew Cowderoy, am releasing the ZS/AIM product to all crew and management around the world to purchase individually. ZS AIM up until now has only been available to business’ buying on behalf of their crew.

We are offering you the opportunity to be part of an evolving community and learn from some of the best trainers in the world about the benefits of wellness.

For every membership purchased using a charity discount code, we will give that charity £20, if you use a company code, we will donate £20 to their chosen charity.


What is AIM

AIM or Actionable Individual Monitoring, is a unique program developed by ZS Wellness specifically for crew at sea. We use smart watches, from Garmin, to provide bespoke wellness support for seafarers around the world, whether offshore, on cruise liners, super yachts, passenger ferries or any cargo ship. We with industry leading partners to provide the best support available.

How does it work?

KISS - keep it simple sailor, once you receive your Garmin watch, create Garmin Connect account and download the app. The simply start collecting data, wear it as much as possible and sync as often as possible. For the programme to work we do need your permission to collect your data offsite. We do this with a simple data link (one of our team will be in touch) once this link has been made when ever you sync your data to the Garmin Connect app, it will be automatically sent direct to a highly secure data base at oracle.

January Launch

For the launch and until the end of January, I am giving you the opportunity to join ZS / AIM at a discount:

What’s included

  • 1x Garmin Vivosmart 4, please use the form when purchasing to choose size and colour

  • Access to private Facebook community

  • Bi-weekly wellness webinars.

  • ZS Wellness will pair you with one of our team and every month you will have the opportunity to have a (30-min) 1:1 consultation with them after they have provided you with a personalised report, this is only possible if you give ZS Wellness permission to collect your data in a highly secure Oracle database which is ONLY accessible by ZS Wellness. The reports help you understand what

Christmas and New Year Sale

  • 1-Year Subscription

    • Free

      • Global Maritime Wellness Network: £720

  • ZS/AIM

    • VivoSmart 4: £119.99

    • 24x Webinars, value £6,000

    • 12x bespoke reports, value £2,000

    • 12x 1:1 Consultations, value £1,200

    • Private Facebook group, priceless

    • Accountability group, priceless

  • Cost

      • Total Value: £10,039.99

      • Normal Price: £2,640

      • Your price (per annum) after 35% discount: £1,764

        • Use discount code: ZSAIM1935

      • Your price (per month) after 25% discount, £165

        • Use discount code: ZSAIM1925

ZS/ AIM: 12 Month 2019
Add to Cart
ZS / AIM - Subscription 2019
220.00 every month for 1 year

Once you add your membership to the cart, please complete the form at check out, make sure you choose the your size and colour here. Please allow 4-5 working days for the device to reach you. Please be sure to fill in the form using the email address for your Garmin Connect account. Only, after you have received your device we will be in touch to set up your data link.

Timings may be slower over the festive season.