Maritime risk & benefit

With costs being cut from the charter and companies seafarers are being put at greater disadvantage which is putting there health and wellbeing at risk. Risking a crew's health can have serious consequences.

If we do not look after our crew, keep fit and health, eat the right foods we can put our seafarers, ourselves, the company and the vessel at great risk.

Risk's of poor health can include but are not limited to

The benefits of helping your crew lead a fitter and healthier life can include, but are not limited to: 



As an employyee member if you don't take a proactive approach to your own wellness you could run the risk of:

  • Loosing your career, serious risk to life,

  • Increased risk of obesity which can lead to: Diabetes, heart problem, depression, high blood pressure.

  • Gastro intestinal issues, such as:

    • Chrones, Colitis, Inflammatory bowl disease 

  • Lack of sleep

    • Lack of attentiveness on bridge, which could increase the risk of collision. 

    • Increased risk of accidents in the engine room or on deck


Benefits of taking a proactive rather than reactive approach to your wellbeing could;

  • Prevent loss of your career,

  • Prevent, being diagnosed with a serious potentially life threatening condition. 

  • Feel more alert

  • Find work easier

  • Be more alert on the bridge and in the engine room

  • Sleep better

  • Increase stamina

  • Look and feel incredible.



  • Lack of sleep = lack of attentiveness = risk of collision

  • Lack of health = unexpected sick leave =

    • Medical Costs

    • Off-hire costs

    • Medical evacuation

  • Increased risk of accident's at sea + cost implication 

  • Massive financial risk due to:

    • illness,

    • accident

  • Loss of investment in crew members

    • If a crew member is deemed unfit one will have to reinvest training crew members to the same standard.


The benefits of helping your crew lead a fitter and healthier life can include, but are not limited to: 


  • Possible benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of off hire days due to sickness or injury

  • Reduce the risk of injury at sea by improved fitness and health

  • Improve crew moral

  • Improve crew retention 

  • Protect investment both crew and vessel 

  • Reduce risk of collision due to increase attentiveness on the bridge

  • Potential reduction in P&I Premiums